©Miha Mohoric

Documentary film, 51 min 45 sec, 2021, Slovenia

trailer: https://vimeo.com/301532356/843d87a56f

A documentary about integration of first and only Roma firefighters in the world.

production: Sagar kolektiv
coproduction: RTV Slovenija, KUD Javk
producer: Miha Mohoric
executive producer: Ana Žekar
director, dop: Miha Mohoric
script: Miha Mohoric, Martin Kastelic, Tina Glavic Novak
financed by: Slovenian Film Center
supported by: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


Film Tekmüvanje (Competition) takes us to Roma village Pusca in Slovenia where first and only firefighters in the world are struggling to become one of many Slovenian firefighters. While trying to integrate into one of the most typical Slovenian tradition, speaking of voluntary firefighting, their own Roma identity is put on test.